Transforming a Virtual Ad Experience into a Real World Memory


10 AM - 11 AM PST

 1 PM - 2 PM EST

Is an ad within VR as memorable as a regular digital ad? YuMe research hosted a weekend of gameplay to kick start the conversation.  

Learn about advertising within “true” VR, and exactly how three different ad formats performed outside the lab. Unaided and aided recall are highlighted, with an emphasis on memorability the day after game play. YuMe research will be joined by panelists who participated in the study.

Learn About:

  • How the introduction of advertising affects the virtual experience
  • The difference in ad recall between three VR ad formats over a 24 hour period
  • Biometric measurement and the benefits of capturing emotional milestones in real time

Presenter Mireya Arteaga | Lead Researcher Mireya joined YuMe in 2015 and leads all research studies for the company globally. She has worked on domestic and international studies related to Virtual Reality, Connected TV (CTV), advertising best practices and brand engagement to help YuMe clients make informed marketing decisions. She has worked with Verto Analytics, Nielsen, Kantar Milward Brown, IPG Magna, Ipsos and Interpret, LLC. Mireya is also a member of the VR/AR Association committee for advertising, and is on the IAB Research Council. Mireya holds a degree in Economics from UC Santa Cruz.

Panelist Alexander Haque | CEO at Retinad VR Alexander is the Co-Chair of the VR Advertising Committee if the VRAR Association and CEO of Retinad VR. Retinad is the leading immersive media analytics platform, providing in-depth insights about audience, content performance and optimization. Their platform has been used by the likes of Google, Yahoo!, major brands and media agencies, to help test, measure and improve their experiences in the new medium.

Panelist Dr. Jeremy Pincus | Vice President at Isobar Jeremy co-created MindSight®, a patented, scalable emotional measurement platform and works with Isobar’s Nowlab to use emotional biometrics (EEG, GSR, EMG, heart rate, eye tracking, and facial coding) for evaluating immersive media experiences. He is affiliated with the Society for Psychophysiological Research, the Tufts Emotion, Brain, and Behavior Lab, and is certified by the Paul Ekman Group in the analysis of facial micro-expressions. His seminal Journal of Consumer Behaviour article on the role of motivation in consumer research has been cited in more than 50 subsequent academic papers. Jeremy is passionate about live music, playing guitar, turning wooden bowls, and backpacking and skiing in the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Panelist Nick Robinson | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of RLTY CHK Nick Robinson is Co-founder and CEO of RLTY CHK, an immersive entertainment studio focused on unleashing a new category of social entertainment. Previously, Nick was Chief Marketing Officer of Quest Nutrition and worked in creative development at Vuguru. He has spoken about marketing, technology, and storytelling at SIGGRAPH, Syd Start Australia, Playlist Live, Digital LA and others.